Membership Info

Membership Information

Monthly Unlimited Memberships

All unlimited memberships include access to all of our Crossfit and specialty classes, open gym, events, seminars, etc. 

Unlimited monthly: $149/mo. – month to month membership, no commitment

6 Months Unlimited : $139/mo. – six month commitment

12 Months Unlimited: $129/mo.One year commitment


Monthly Limited Memberships & Punchcards

Limited memberships and punchcards include access to our Crossfit or specialty classes only

3x week monthly: $120/mo. – three Crossfit -OR- specialty classes per week

12 Session Punchcard: $120 – 12 Crossfit -OR- specialty classes



All discounts are valid with our unlimited monthly membership only *cannot be applied to 6 or 12 month packages*

Family Discount program

1st family member – full price $149/mo.

2nd family member – $139/mo.

3rd family member and up – $129/mo.


First Responder/Military discount

20% off unlimited monthly membership with proper ID