At CrossFit Center Mass our classes run on the hour every hour. Our classes are led by certified CrossFit coaches. We offer several different time blocks to meet everyone’s needs. Click on our schedule to see all our available classes. Your class will begin everyday with a warm-up as you walk through the door. Following the warm-up is a specialized strength program, which is tailored to each person’s own abilities. The strength portion of our program consists of power and Olympic lifting movements, taught by our CrossFit coaches. After completing the strength portion of our program the coach will then review the daily workout and cover our expectations for proper performance technique. The trainer will then tailor the workout to meet each person individual needs. For every workout we offer several different fitness levels to ensure our athletes are reaching their full potential. The workout will then begin as a group. There is nothing like building camaraderie and friendship over a little blood sweat and tears. Check out our pricing page for all our membership options.


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